Residential Real Estate Home Inspector

I perform residential home inspections for real estate transactions and for the pro-active home owner. This includes buyer inspections, seller inspections, and current owner inspections.

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Seller Inspections

Although the majority of home inspections are on the behalf of the buyer there are advantages to being proactive in the inspection process and having a home inspection performed prior to the sale of a home. Having an inspection prior to listing allows you to have an evaluation of your home through an objective 3rd party, which can allow you to make necessary repairs, address safety concerns, and provide you with the information to move forward with an honest, forthcoming, and efficient sale of your home.

Buyer Inspections

A Home Inspection provides you with the critical information necessary to make an informative decision on a home purchase. A home inspection is a visual evaluation of the homes current condition and can provide insight into many critical and overlooked areas of the home. I inspect hundreds of items during a home inspection which can uncover delayed maintenance, underperforming utilities, suspect wiring, and safety concerns. The information found can be beneficial not only in the decision to move forward in a home purchase, but provide a resource for ongoing repairs and maintenance.

Maintenance Inspections

A Maintenance Inspection is performed when the need for a professional evaluation of the home is needed. This can be invaluable in providing information on the current condition of the home, including safety concerns, recommended maintenance, and repair suggestions. I know first hand owning a come can at times be overwhelming with the seemingly endless list of repairs and maintenance needed, having a list of safety concerns, deficiencies, and recommended maintenance can be extremely helpful and allows the home owner to prioritize.

What’s Inspected & My Standards

As an InterNachi Certified Professional Home Inspector I adhere to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Standards of Practice.


When its safe to do so I walk all roofs, identifying visible deficiencies, materials used, and inspect the drainage system. I look for deteriorating shingles, improper or not present flashings, nail pops, etc. This is an important aspect of the home and any issues here can compromise the homes outer shell, leading to potential problems, and even lead to structural issues.

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The home inspection includes visually inspecting accessible supply and drainage pipes, testing fixtures and drains for adequate flow and visually inspecting the water heater. I identify any potentially troublesome or harmful materials used in the plumbing system along the way. During my inspection of the home I locate main water supply shut-offs, fuel shut-offs, and identify public or private supplies.


Air conditioning

I open readily accessible panels of the central and permanently installed cooling equipment. I Provide an estimated age of the cooling equipment when possible and again look for proper installation, visible deterioration, corrosion, etc. I operate cooling systems using normal operating controls when safe to do so.

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I will visually inspect the wall covering materials, eaves, soffits, facia, windows and doors. I look for peeling paint, failing siding, doors showing wear or not functioning properly and the general condition of the exterior. There are common problem areas at the exterior of a home that can often go unnoticed, when left unattended these can have a severe impact on a structure.



I visually inspect the electrical system, identifying wiring types used, testing receptacles, switches and GFCIs. I also identify and open the main panel when safe to do so, and verify the amperage rating of your service. I inspect service drops, main disconnects, and look for the presence of smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors.

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While inspecting the interior of the home, I inspect ceilings, walls, floors, doors, and windows. I test garage doors for functionality and safe operation. Although I do not do an exhaustive inspection of installed appliances, I verify operation by testing normal operating controls.



I visually inspect the structure where accessible, looking for foundation materials used, identifying roof and floor structure as well as the condition when possible. I’m looking for things that may impact the structure in the long term, like wood in contact with soil, cracks, foundation movement, moisture, and modifications to the framing members that could potentially impact the safety of a structure.



During the home inspection I inspect installed heating equipment using normal operating controls. While inspecting the heating systems, I open any readily accessible panels, looking for corrosion, deterioration, size, and age of the heating system.


Insulation & Ventilation

While performing the home inspection I identify any visually accessible insulation and ventilation, noting the type and amount when possible. This is usually performed from attics and/or crawl spaces. Insufficient insulation in an attic can lead to roof deterioration, ice dams, and other issues. In the process of inspecting insulation and ventilation, I look for the appropriate termination of venting. Improper venting of appliances cannot only impact the structure, but are a potential safety hazard as well.

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You can find my full Standards of Practice here.